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Starring …. Cyril – Rowan Lamoureux, Maggie- Jean Parker, Crumley- Kanen Nixon.

Directed by Sean Carthew. Produced by Ontario Street Theatre, Co-Written by Sean Carthew and Ted Staunton, Assistant Director Margaret Heenan.

Sets by Rebecca Shields, Thomas Carthew and Sean.

Shows- Sept. 24- Cultivate  2:45 pm

Oct. 8 – Following Farley – 3 pm at The Canadian FireFighters Museum.

We are looking to tour this show to schools, libraries, homes, restaurants, parks, festivals…anywhere! 🙂 905 885 8042


Taking Care of Crumley

A class lengthed, humorous play co-written by Sean Carthew and Ted Staunton, based on Ted’s published book of the same name. Great for grades 1-5. There is also a Question and Answer period after each show with the three actors.


Ted Staunton is a world class author having published over 15 books . Sean Carthew is a playwright and runs a local theatre company called The Ontario Street Theatre. Both Sean and Ted reside in Port Hope.


The plot focuses on Crumley, the neighbourhood bully, Cyril the boy who is being bullied, and Maggie otherwise known as the Greenapple Street Genius. Crumley gets his comeuppance in the end due to the ingenious plans of Maggie and Cyril. But perhaps Crumley isn’t as mean as he first appears?

The play touches on bullying, friendship, co-operation, and problem solving.

Taking Care of Crumley is a big, fun, fast romp with a full set that travels with three actors and a stage manager.

It can be performed at almost any venue.

Beatrice Strong, ganaraska trail and St. Anthony’s.

Ontario Street Theatre is a local initiative and this production is using local actors from Colborne, Port Hope and Peterborough.


Contact- Ontario Street Theatre

Sean Carthew 905 885 8042




Taking Care of Crumley Discussion Questions



What is a bully?


Maggie says that bullies are really chickens inside. How does Ugly Augie Crumley show this?


Ugly Augie Crumley is mean, but he also loves his teddy bear. Can people act in two very different ways at the same time?


Do you think Ugly Augie Crumley would be as big a bully if he didn’t have the Goons to show off to?


Was it a good idea for Cyril to do what Maggie told him?


Would you have followed Maggie’s orders?


What could Cyril have done instead about being bullied?


Cyril and Maggie are friends, but Maggie orders Cyril to do everything she says. Is this a good way for friends to act?


Is Maggie a bit of a bully too? Why or why not?




Premiere- Sept. 24 at Cultivate; The Food and Drink Festival


Oct. 8. 3 pm as part of the Following Farley Mowat Festival at the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum. Free for all ages. Sponsored by Cats Media and The Social Bar and Table.

We will also be at  Beatrice Strong, Ganaraska trail and St. Anthony’s…Dates to be determined. Thank you Rotary Port Hope!


Purchase the show for only $600.00. 🙂

Contact- Ontario Street Theatre

Sean Carthew 905 885 8042