POP UP THEATRE/Venues Wanted

We are now a Pop Up Theatre!  Look for shows at various venues across Northumberland County and Beeeeyyyoooooooonddddd!!!

We have had shows at The Engine Gallery, Impressario and Loft, Poho Bistro, St Marks Church, Bualai Tast of Thai, The Carlyle Inn, Wesleyville Church, Trattoria Gusto, Flourish, The Woodlawn Inn, Oasis, Grafton Village Inn, Cravingz, Garden of Eatin, Golden Beach Resort, Pitchers Place and the United Church in Cobourg.

Upcoming…more shows at The Woodlawn Inn, Dalewood Golf Course, Wildfire Golf Course, Farley Mowat Festival in Port Hope and more…. 🙂

Do you want to be a venue? 905 885 8042 ontariostreettheatre@gmail.com

Restaurants, Homes, Galleries, Retail, Churches, Fundraisers, Corporate…anything and anywhere.