Looking for a show? Here are some I can bring to you.

These are our friends. 🙂 In other words these are some of the shows that I can bring to your venue whether that be at your restaurant, church, home, backyard, cottage, garage, business, art gallery, store…basically we can do a show anywhere.

You can just book the show and/or we can produce it with you. We can bring the lights , sound, chairs, risers, tents, tables…whatever we need to do to make it a great show for everyone. 🙂

GABI EPSTEIN in Gabs Sings Babs.


Toronto native, Gabi has been performing for as long as she can remember. She began her performing career at the tender age of 6 where she made a very special appearance on a CD for children recorded by her mother and father. Her love of music brought her to the Toronto Children’s Chorus where she was a chorister for 6 years and travelled to such places as Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, Gabi was accepted into the Claude Watson School for the Performing Arts and then later into the Claude Watson Program at Earl Haig Secondry School where she thrived as a vocal major. After performing in numerous plays/musicals there, as well as being cast in a couple of commercials, television epidodes, and a TV movie, Gabi was certain that she wanted to be a performer. As music was the strength and passion of Gabi’s young life, she decided to continue her education in music by studying Voice at McGill University.

But after 1 year, Gabi began to feel restless. Although she had an unbelievable McGill experience performing in Montreal-based bands and McGill a cappella groups, Gabi’s real passion lay in musical theatre– and the theatre world Gabi was looking for existed back in Toronto. So, accomplishing what seemed like an impossible feat, Gabi completed her Bachelor of Music in 2 years and became a 20-year old university graduate ready to face the theatre world.

One year later, Gabi’s hard work payed off– she got her first professional role and the opportunity of a lifetime– to play Fanny Brice in a one-woman musical about the renowned performer’s life. Since then, Gabi has been working in the theatre world non-stop and has been given wonderful performance opportunities that have taken her to New York, Orlando, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Carribbean. Some of these performances include “Edges” (Acting Up Stage Theatre Co.), “Cowgirls” (Drayton Entertainment), “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Napoleon” (Talk is Free Theatre), the U.S. National Tour of “Stellaluna” (King Cole Theatricals), “West Side Story Suite” (National Ballet of Canada), and various Disney characters including Belle, Ariel, and Pocahontas aboard Disney Cruise Lines, as well as one of the leads in the original cast of their production of “Toy Story the Musical” (Disney Creative Ent.)

As well as performing in stage musicals, Gabi began to perform solo cabarets across the city and has become known as one of Toronto’s leading young cabaret performers. Her infectious cabaret performances have brought her to The Rex, The Toronto Centre for the Arts, The Trane Studio, The Berkeley St. Theatre, The Bread and Circus, the Pantages Hotel, as well as the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.

But Gabi decided she needed to take her cabaret career one step further. She teamed up with renowned Canadian jazz singer John Alcorn who produced her debut CD entitled “Show Off”. It is for sale on itunes, as well as on her website www.gabiepstein.com

Gabi continues to perform her cabarets, actively auditions around Toronto, and hopes her debut CD will help her achieve many more performance opportunities for years to come.


MURDER MYSTERY Dinner Theatre- We can pick a theme that fits you. We add a LOT of comedy and Improv into our dinner theatre. 70’s theme. Magical Murder Mystery Tour. Agatha Christie’s MooseTrap.  We can write a show specific for your venue/occassion as well 🙂

“Everyone was raving about last night. They had a blast. It was excellent.”
Ganaraska Financial Credit Union

Thank you GFCU!




A Road Less Gravelled– Storytelling. Living in Northern Newfoundland with no road to her home until one day….

This show has played at 4 different locations. All sell outs and all to rave reviews.




Oneymoon– A hilarious comedy about getting left at the altar. What’s funnier than that?   This show is a big winner with the audiences and can adapt to most spaces.

ONEymoon-2011 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee- “Best One Person Show”

ONEymoon (A honeymoon for one)
Written & Performed by Christel Bartelse
Directed by LJ Nelles


“This production – a celebration of independence and girl power is an energetic, manic and hilarious tale full of obligatory audience participation…original music, rapping, inebriated cabana boy seduction and tap dancing. A masterful improviser, Bartelse is a bouncing ball of energy who clearly enjoys the spotlight. This wonderful and entertaining production is definitely worth checking out. “ Thandi Fletcher, 5 STARS, Victoria Times Colonist

Performances state­side in New York City and Indianapolis followed, again to critical raves:

“a ‘tour-­de­-force’… a showcase for Bartelse’s many talents and an evening of laughs and memorable moments for the audience. ” Melanie N Lee, nytheatre.com

“Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and Amy Sedaris…….. Bartelse would not look out of place next to these.”

Laurence Brown, King of Indiana

The show has also played Orlando, Victoria, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Indianapolis and Frigid Festival NYC





Sh!t. I’m In Love With You Again– A slightly naughty musical comedy about marriage, kids, getting older and all the crap that goes with it.

On Stage: Ottawa’s Theatre Arts Magazine

REVIEW: Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again @ Ottawa Fringe 2015 (Allan’s Review)

Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again takes you through the ins and out of love, sex, and relationships. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. From those first moments of love and its two hour massages, into pregnancy, and first born, and second born, and extended work trips into developing countries, and lack of communication, and not showing emotions, and wanting them dead….

Rachelle Elie will take you through it all, starting way back with her sexual awakening and parents who couldn’t be much different to each other. The story she tells is quite something. It’s well-rounded and complete and touching and funny and has a great character arc. Is it a true story? Is it fiction? I’m not sure, but that doesn’t matter. Because it feels real. Rachelle Elie has incredible energy and creates a very real feeling performance through which you’ll never feel she’s only playing a character.

 She’s joined on stage by long time collaborator and fellow co-creator, Luke Jackson. Jackson provides guitar accompaniment for the show’s musical scenes. Did I forget to mention that? Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again has some great original tunes to go along with the laughs and heart.




JOE;The Perfect Man– An Off the wall, absurd, hilarious comedy. Something you will love and probably have never experienced before. And it is very interactive 🙂



I almost pee’d my pants- S.H

One talented girl. Brilliant. – R.S

That was awesome. L.G

Well, that was the silliest thing I have ever seen. Loved it.  M.C


VIVA CABARET…One Man plays over 25 Divas! Amazing performance. This show is 10 years running and has travelled all over the world!


Ruzhyev performs numbers from a dozen of pop music’s greatest Divas with great accuracy and rapidity, making for a night of madcap comedy.

The show itself combines two good-time events: a drag show and a cabaret. Both encourage audience participation and both rely on strong, fun, energetic performances to be great. Ruzhyev takes advantage of these art forms to create a highly energetic, highly engaging show.

Ruzhyev’s great range is proved by his ability to play all of these Divas convincingly regardless of race or gender. Whether it’s getting Whitney Houston’s head-jerking just right or playing a Liza Minnelli who is distinctly different when she is old and when she is young, the man can do no wrong.

I loved Ruzhyev’s Edith Piaf who practically threw herself off-stage to get to her audience singing “La Vie En Rose” and his Marlene Dietrich who was slinky and sexy in her masculine pantsuit. Both characters emphasized Ruzhyev’s European take on the Diva review show.

It was also refreshing to see Ruzhyev play men too; drag performers so rarely do impressions of people of their own gender. Ruzhyev’s wonderful Freddie Mercury earned a huge applause when he returned to the stage wearing a cape made out of a Pride flag. And Ruzhyev’s dance background was particularly apparent when he danced “Billy Jean” as Michael Jackson.

And, although he barely needs them to get the characters across, the costumes are spot on throughout the show. Cher’s over-the-top body suit and Beyonce’s gold lamé dress are standouts in a slew of dresses and other costumes that continually shock and amaze.

Seeing Viva Cabaret was such a fun night out and I would happily see another show with Ruzhyev again. In his closing speech, Ruzhyev celebrated the fact that he will become a Canadian citizen tomorrow, thanks to his act keeping him employed in Canada. It’s unsurprising that someone as funny and talented as Ruzhyev can make a living from this act.

Judging by the constant hooting and hollering of the audience, they all loved the show as much as I did. This was the first drag show the friend I brought along with me had ever seen, and she wants to go see another one immediately. It’s just too bad we can’t go see this show again.

The few who got to see the show while it was running are truly lucky, although I somehow doubt that we won’t be seeing another similar show from Ruzhyev sometime soon.

I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to Ruzhyev on an excellent show and on his attaining Canadian citizenship. Welcome to being a Canadian and I hope to see you on stage again soon! Mooney on Theatre


The Strolling Player- One of the best performances you will ever see. A true thespian. It’s story telling, Shakepeare, Dr. Who and brilliant.

At his father’s theatre on the island of Guernsey, a boy watches a play, entranced…and remembers his future. Opening night in London’s West End. A backstage brawl and a wedding ring, flung into a parking lot. Grueling tours across America. Falling off the stage, and falling in love. Dr. Who, Oscar Wilde, Richard Burton, and Shakespeare. Always, Shakespeare.

strolling player

Life With More Cowbell – Cate McKim


“Deftly written and performed with masterful style, heart, wit and presence, Strolling Player is a magical, moving and marvelous trip through an actor’s life. Immediately rapt by Willis’s performance, the audience follows along with his shifting tone – from commanding to passionate to vulnerable, his rich voice evoking various people from his past and present, the characters of a life. We are thoroughly engaged from start to finish of this 90-minute piece.”

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Myra’s Story– An irish homeless woman gives it to us straight, hard and honest. A performance second to none.


Equal parts James Joyce and Carol Burnett … an acting tour-de-force…” The Record
“Myra’s Story will stay with you long after it’s over.” The Beat Magazine 
“Riveting…Cornish delivers the kind of depth few actors…ever manage to achieve.” The London Free Press
“This is powerful stuff and should not be missed.” Hamilton Arts Council 

6301963 8497931





Jeni Walls is a Toronto based singer/actor/impersonatpr/host and producer. Most recently she received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Liza Minnelli in both her one woman show Liza Live! and Liza and Barbra Together At Last with Angelwalk Theatre. She has also appeared in Toronto production of Beauty and the Beast Wizard of Oz RENT The Rocky Horror Show Off Broadway On Stage Fairytale Ending and the Canadian premieres of Reefer Madness The Musical and High Fidelity the Musical. She was also a finalist on the CBC reality show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? She has toured across North America as Miley Cyrus Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga who she portrayed in John Greyson’s film Jericho. Jeni is the host of SINGular Sensation A Musical Theatre Open Mic every Monday night at Statler’s and was the 2013 season hot of Theatre Passe Murielle’s CRAPSHOOT. She has also hosted many events around Toronto. Jeni is also a voice actor and can currently be heard as the voice of Garnier Fructis and on the children’s series Creative Galaxy and Peg Cat.

Liza Live! is a spellbinding tribute to the talent and personality of Liza Minnelli. The production opens with Walls belting out “Cabaret,” one of Minnelli’s most well-known songs, altering the lyrics to refer to her famous mother, Judy Garland, and how the only time she saw her at peace was when she was laid out at her funeral. An enlarged photo of Garland and Minnelli in a touching mother-daughter pose stands behind Walls as she performs. The production’s heavy moments are balanced out by Walls’ jokes directed at Donavon Lenabat and Jamie Bird, the two well-dressed men playing Liza’s back-up music.

Walls is supremely talented, and has every mannerism of Liza Minnelli perfected. Her performance of “Liza with a Z” is outstanding, and her dialogue with several audience members is entertaining throughout the production. At one point, she calls upon two audience members to take part in a trivia game, with a pink cocktail as a prize.

The true hallmark of Liza Live! is Walls’ performance of “Ring Them Bells,” a song she sings as everyone in the audience rings little bells passed around in a basket. Walls portrays Minnelli as someone with drive and dreams, bringing both inspiration and smiles to her intimate audience.



Leila Love, A Very Leila Christmas


In the past two Fringe seasons, Izad Etemadi has taken audiences from harrowing to hilarious with two entirely different shows that explore the meaning of what it is to be different.

His award winning Borderland, a dramatic tale of a gay Iranian man running from himself and his home, was a hit at last year’s Fringe. This year Etemadi has plucked Leila, one of Borderland’s most memorable characters, from that play to devote an entire show to her, this one with plenty of laughs.

When Etemadi dons one of the many hijabs he utilizes in scene changes throughout the show and raises his voice to speak in the girlish accent of this irrepressible young Persian woman who lives to please her parents and lose herself in love, he inhabits her character so completely that it’s easy to look past his beard.

When we first meet Leila she is recalling the agony of puberty, from unwanted facial hair to the size of her nose, which her parents helpfully suggest could be corrected by plastic surgery.

Soon she is bewitched by the focused attention of the guy next door, Farhad, who prepares her a gassy first date dinner, love bombs her with incessant texts and then, as is often the habit with fickle men, falls strangely silent.

Watching Leila eagerly and then desperately wait for his texts, pretending she doesn’t care when she’s as hooked on his approval as a puppy wanting treats, put me in mind of Dorothy Parker’s famous short story The Telephone Call, about a woman waiting by the phone for a man to ring, heaping all of her self esteem into whether or not his fingers hit the dial.

It’s a testament to Etemadi’s masterful skill as a writer and director that he creates the scene, using an iPhone instead of a rotary dial, with Parker-line finesse.

Love with Leila treads the oft-told tale of love and loss in a completely unique way, tickling you with plenty of laughs and leaving you with a powerful punch of a message-that the one person really worth loving may be a lot closer than you think.

I dare you not to fall in love with Leila. This is an absolute Fringe must-see.


Dirty Dishes- One heck of a trio. Fantastic spunky, witty and better live!





Suddenly Mommy- Anne Marie Scheffler


Such a great show tonight!!! You are so talented! I could relate to it all! Wow. You nailed motherhood! Gillian Parekh

OMG. My sides are so sore this morning-we had SUCH a great time last night!  You are brilliant! ..you make me laugh from the centre of my being. .. I was totally exhausted after your performance..! Thank you. And sorry for the snorting!” Sharon Felt

I am still laughing!! Everyone needs to see this show! Several hilarious pages from my diary!! Well done Anne Marie!!! Krista J Holmes-Storey

The people in the audience were laughing so hard they were crying. She did a fabulous job. What a great show ! Loved it. Kerry (from Stephen Leacock Theatre in Keswick)

“Just came back from a wonderful performance of SUDDENLY MOMMY! by AnneMarie Scheffler. If you are a parent, you MUST see this show. I highly, highly recommend this very touching and very funny performance which really hits the nail on the head in regards to what it means to be a mom (and dads/husbands will be able to relate, as well!). Even if you’re not a parent, this is a charming story about how important it is to be true to yourself. See it while you can!” Emily Oriold Keay

We ABSOLUTELY loved it. It was hilarious, well played, had and excellent tempo, and needless to say REALLY hit home. Oh, and I have to add, I love your Celine Dion. Too much!!! A fantastic show! Bravo!!!!! Sandra Mifsud

This is a top-notch one-woman show – she is brilliant!

House Seats Survey



#kanderandebb- RYAN G. HINDS….

Ryan G. Hinds is a critically acclaimed theatre performer and cabaret artist. Recently, he completed a two-year Artist-in-Residency at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre; the shows he created there went on to acclaim at festivals and venues in Toronto, Montreal and New York City.

His string of successful productions includes the 2015 Fringe hit STARRY NOTIONS (“Best of Fringe” from Torontoist and Mooney, Outstanding Performance from Now, and a My Theatre award nomination), a tour of #KanderAndEbb (“tender, yet irreverent” – The Village Voice, “blissful & moving! Sings superbly” – Theatre Pizzazz, NYC) and the epic MACARTHUR PARK SUITE: A DISCO BALLET (“surprising and inventive, technically rich”- The Globe and Mail)

Audiences have enjoyed him in both the premiere and the re-mount of the critically-acclaimed dance-theatre hybrid MSM: men seeking men, as Booker T. Washington in the musical RAGTIME opposite Mark Cassius, as Greta in Martin Sherman’s BENT, as Ken Gass in THE TRIAL OF KEN GASS and in Sky Gilbert’s Dora-nominated play THE BEWITCHING OF MAX GUNTHER at Theatre Passe Muraille. Ryan has enjoyed a 15-year association with Buddies in Bad Times (including TIGHTROPE with Montreal’s 2Boys.tv, three consecutive years in Rhubarb Festival, dancing in P’ARTISTE with The Scandelles, his own show GLITTER ALL THE WAY!, and 2 years as co-curator of ART ATTACK, Buddies’ annual fundraiser). He was seen on season 1 of the Showtime US series SEX WITH SUNNY MEGATRON.

Notably, he is one of only a few people to have been in both the movie version (as a hed-head) and a stage production (as Hedwig) of HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH. His festival work has been seen across the country and internationally: in 2012, Ryan made his Brazilian cabaret debut, performing in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, followed it up with the multi-artist revue DISCO DOWN for Pride Toronto, and ended the year performing in Douglas Coupland’s Nuit Blanche installation MUSEUM OF THE RAPTURE. Ryan’s previous Nuit Blanche creation, 2007‘s END OF THE PARTY PARTY (in collaboration with Will Munro and Ina unt Ina) set an attendance record for the Art Gallery of Ontario. Other cabaret and festivals include headlining shows in Ottawa, Montreal (at La Sala Rossa and Cafe Cleopatra), and Vancouver. In 2011, he opened for Mya and Macy Gray at LA Pride, and for Toronto’s 2014 World Pride, his AROUND THE WORLD show played to an audience of 4000. He is featured in Vivek Shraya’s film and book “What I Love About Being Queer”; the portraiture book “Human Canvas Project”, and the inaugural edition of “10×10”, for which he was photographed by Tanja-Tiziana.

Ryan has been a recipient and nominee of several awards, including the 2016 Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award for Theatre Artist (Established), a My Theatre Award for solo performance, a 2015 Summerworks Theatre Centre honorable mention for Emerging Artist (shared with the cast of MacArthur Park Suite), the prestigious $10,000 Steinert & Ferreiro Award from Community One Foundation (recipient), EGALE Canada’s 2010 Black History Month honor, a 2013 Inspire Awards nomination, 2005 Youthline Award for Art & Culture, and is a previous Mississauga Young Citizen of the Year (along with several Outstanding Performance citations in Now Magazine).



Boxes Buried Deep- Storytelling at it’s BEST!

“When Sage talks, people don’t just listen, they hang on her every word.”

– Toronto Star

“Sage Tyrtle tells stories so that you see yourself in them. It’s impossible not to think that the story is really about you.” – Tasleem Thawar, 10 1/2 Stories


Today, I’m a storyteller. I draw from a rich well of experience – including living in a tent for two years, my lesbian schizophrenic mother, almost killing people with my evil mind control (NO REALLY) – to draw my audience in and enthrall them with true stories.

I give warm and informal storytelling workshops. In schools, in corporate settings, for individuals and groups. No matter what the situation, knowing how to tell a compelling story matters. It’s the difference between your audience listening, or checking their phone.

I tell stories all over Toronto, including True Stories Told Live, Dare, and Stories of Ours. I tell folktales in schools and senior centres. I’ve been invited to participate in the SOULO Festival, the FOOL Festival and the Toronto Storytelling Festival. My stories have been featured on both NPR’s Snap Judgment and CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera.



Joanna Chapman… One hell of a captivating songstress and storyteller. 

“You could use any number of words to describe JCS – captivating, engaging, thoughtful. She is a skilled storyteller who perfectly blends beautiful melodies with tales too good to forget. She lit up every stage she appeared on.” – James Keelaghan (Artistic Director, Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival)

Joanna Chapman-Smith is, “one of Canada’s best, with a gorgeous, fluid voice.” – THE PROVINCE [CAN]

“She makes it look effortless, but there’s nothing simple at play.” – THE GLOBE & MAIL [CAN]

“Uniquely talented… She’s got the whole package” – THE TORONTO STAR [CAN]




Rag Bag Cabaret – A collection of stand up, music, the unknown and burlesque. 4/5 performers including Rachelle Ellie and Luke Cooper.


Come give your inner child the spanking it deserves!

An eclectic Cabaret with prizes, naughtiness & titillating fun. Bring a date, a spouse or find one at the show. It’s time for a Cabaret!

Toronto’s longest running Cabaret ~since 1997~An eclectic evening of song, comedy, naughtiness & titillating fun. Hosted by the predictably unpredictable comedienne Rachelle Elie. Artists that have performed at RAG BAG include: Samantha Bee, Sook -Yin- Lee, Frank Spadone & Jessica Holmes

to name a few!

Rachelle Elie and Luke JacksonThese two twisted souls bring you the best of the city’s music, comedy, burlesque and circus acts. Luke Jackson and Rachelle Elie met 20 years ago in a grubby East-Vancouver rehearsal space. Rachelle was auditioning for Luke’s band and thought rock n’ roll would make her famous faster than the theatre work she was doing. They started writing music together, both started families and eventually ended up RAG BAGGING!



A Christmas Carol. Performed by one man! Truly an incredible performance.


“Powerful one man theatre… a master storyteller”   National Post

“You’ll be haunted if you miss it.”   Saskatoon Star–Phoenix

“Absolutely fabulous… a magnificent performance.”   CBC Ottawa




DAVE CARLEY- Award Winning Canadian Playwright… 2 plays to choose from. 

Midnight Madness 

“A gentle little comedy – a play that will delight and touch audiences for many years to come.” (The Toronto Star)

“Playwright Dave Carley quickly wins you over with a play that is warm, funny and carefully crafted, a play that achieves genuine poignancy without ever feeling overwrought.” (Ottawa Citizen)


“Bright, engaging, fun…this romantic, warm sequel has a promising debut.” (Hamilton Spectator)

“It effectively frames the ongoing debate between left and right over just how far governments should go in meeting the health needs of its citizens. In raising this issue, Carley has also created an intensely funny evening of entertainment.” (Guelph Mercury)



Please message us as we are always expanding and making new friends that are wanting to come out and perform for you. 🙂

905 885 8042


Sean Carthew

Artistic Director